[NEWS/PHOTOS] T.O.P @ 1st Solo Japan Fan Meeting! (120924)

| Monday, September 24

T.O.P to be discharged from the hospital!
On September 21, T.O.P hurt the back of his hand on some shattered glass while shooting an action scene for the film The Alumni. The injury turned out to be more severe than first thought, and so the singer 'had to receive emergency surgery' on the morning he arrived at the hospital.

He has been resting ever since, and in a phone call with enews on September 23, YG Entertainment said, “T.O.P is currently resting. He plans to be released on September 24). If the pain is still severe, however, he may stay for one more day.”

After T.O.P suffered his injury, his agency and the film′s production company held an emergency meeting regarding schedule changes and postponements, concentrating on getting T.O.P back in top shape again. The singer himself, however, is determined to get through all his schedules, worried that his condition will bring harm to the progress of the film and Big Bang′s schedules.

For Big Bang, he must fly to Singapore on September 29 to attend the 2012 Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour, which will continue for nine weeks. T.O.P has told his agency that he will be able to go on with the tour.

Filming for The Alumni, however, will in the meantime be affected by his injury as he needs to keep a bandage around his hand for two or three weeks to recover. See more photos of TOP below:~ 

TOP with mini Daesung @ 1st Solo Japan Fan Meeting.. & more photos in Slideshow below:~ 
Stay tune for more updates!^o^

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So cute mini deasung..... Juz like him!!! ♡♡♡

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