[NEWS] Seungri's Diary Update: Run! Run! (120904)

| Tuesday, September 4
Seungri poses with Shintarou Yamada 
Seungri's Diary Update (120904)
“Run! Run!”

I’m really sorry for making all of you worry with my 'depressed Seung-chan's' diary from yesterday! So, after a long time, I went to Komazawa Park to refresh!

The place is really nice and it’s my power spot*! It makes me feel better when I run here! While running around, I can meet many people. That’s because I feel that everyone in Japan is really working hard. There are so many people running. Everyone also likes to exercise and take their pets out for a walk. And I think they’re doing it with all their heart…

Is everyone working hard??

I feel so good after running at Komazawa Park^^

Today, I had a recording for 'Sakigake Music Ranking' show! I interviewed my friends Yamada Shintarou-kun and Mori-kun from Sata Andagi group. They are the first entertainers that I met in Japan! Both of them like to entertain people It’s enjoyable when I’m together with those guys^^ Shintarou, Mori, I’m supporting you guys!

Sakigake recordings are always fun. The staff already considers me as their family! So awesome! The producer of Sakigake, Satou-san, really takes care of me. Recently, he introduced to me TKG (Tamago Kake Gohan or rice topped with raw egg and shoyu). It was so delicious!

I’m happy because of the love from all of you^^ Do all of you feel loved too??! Nice work for today too!

NOTE: "Power spot" is used to describe a place or location which has a so-called mystical energy or sort of like a spiritual place.

Source: DCVI//@Yamashin070 + Trans by Marthapido@tumblr


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