[NEWS] Super Junior Shindong's girlfriend: How did he know it was G-Dragon? (120906)

| Thursday, September 6

 Super Junior Shindong revealed on MBC's Radio Star previously that his girlfriend's cellphone wallpaper is Big Bang's G-Dragon and how he sometimes felt jealous of his girlfriend's affection towards G-Dragon.

Following the broadcast on September 5, Shindong's girlfriend tweeted, "How did he know it was G-Dragon? Hahaha." She posted a picture of her phone wallpaper, showing the photo where G-Dragon rubs a cat's head.

Jealously replying back, Shindong hilariously tweeted, "What should I do! Wa!! This song suddenly popped into my head. That XX. Hehehehe."
That XX is G-Dragon's newest release, a song that talks about a man who tells his crush that her boyfridn is not good enough for her.

Upon seeing the tweet, fans commented that Shindong and his girlfriend were too cute.
kekeke That XX is so suitable for Shindong to sing right now when his girlfriend has G-Dragon on her wallpaper :P 

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