[TRANS] Seungri's Diary on Josei 7 Japanese Weekly Magazine (Volume 5)! (120906)

| Thursday, September 6

“Revealing Seung chan’s solo fan meeting!”
Hello everyone! I’m Seung chan also known as VI. On 27th August I did my long awaited solo fan meeting at Shinkiba, Tokyo. Did all of you attend the event?
When I told to other members, “I have a fan meeting tomorrow” , they praised me by saying “You’re doing great”. I’m happy~♥
This time, I put aside Seung-chan as an artist and worked hard as an entertainer.
The preparation for the event took about 2 months. There were singing and playing game session, and I thought about them all by myself. I met Panther-san (comedy trio group) to discuss the ideas but it took longer hours than the event meeting. I wonder why (bitter smile)
My love story can be seen a little… and I also did “Seung chan’s theater” . Panther-san teased me by saying, “So Seung-chan, you’re calling your own girlfriend as ‘girlfriend’~ ” Is it weird?
Aah, it’s just our story here, type of woman that like is someone who’s wearing something like a white one piece. Rather than pants, I’m definitely more to those who wear skirt.
……I’m saying this but why Josei Seven’s magazine’s reporter always comes to interview me wearing pants?! (Angry)
Well, let’s leave that. After the fan meeting, it made me realize once again that entertaining people is something that makes me really happy.
From now on, I’ll work harder because I always want to see all of your smiles.
Pic captions:
Left up pic cap: Surrounded with sexy dancers during his Korean solo song,Ojjeorago (What Can I Do) performance, make the 2400 fans in jealousy.
Right up cap: He performed Tokugawa Hideaki’s Rainy Blue and AKB48’s Heavy Rotation. When he began to learn Japanese, there was a home work to translate the Rainy Blue song so he listened to it for so many times. It’s a nostalgic song.
Middle pic cap: During 2nd session, while singing Fantastic Baby, D-LITE appeared as a secret guest. He said “Please take care of VI” and left the stage, made the venue more excited..
Down pic 1: In the fanmeeting venue, there was an ‘Seung chan’s family’ exhibition showing decoration from his own room in Tokyo.
Down pic 2: Seung-chan’s handmade kimbap (Korean style seaweed roll) was shown at the fan meeting.
(Note: I’m not sure about the ‘girlfriend’ part since both written ‘kanojo=girlfriend or she’ in Japanese)

You can read Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3& 4 of Seungri's diary on Josei Sebun. Stay with us for more updates!^^

Source: bb-ganba@ameblo
Trans by marthapido@tumblr
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