[PHOTOS/TRANS] Daesung & Seungri on Shukan Josei Japanese Magazine! (120913)

| Thursday, September 13
Exclusive! Back stage stories

‘Sakigake! Music Ranking Eight Presents Big Bang VI’s Special Talk Live~ Seung chan’s Summer 2012’

He’s been living in Japan for 2 months. From east to west, Big Bang’s youngest member Seung chan also known as VI is being in great demand. After hearing D-LITE will be the guest as the supporter for music variety show Sakigake! Music Ranking Eight, we planned to do an exclusive interview!

VI: I feel confident to have my member joining me. D-LITE is a “comedy genius”. And I think he already prepared some new jokes too.

D-LITE: Please stop with reckless joke!

VI: I’m sure everyone is expecting you~

D-LITE: In hot weather, seems like there were people who lined up since early morning so I want to meet their expectations.

VI: Both of us let’s do our best!

The two of them decided to convey their gratitude feeling through laughter. By the way, how does it feel spending ‘Seung chan’s summer’ in Japan for the first time?

VI: I can’t do any summer-like activity. I really want to see fireworks show……. How about you D-LITE san?

D-LITE: I rode a banana boat by the sea. I went there with my members.

VI: Eh, I didn’t go!

D-LITE: That’s because you’re in Japan right?

Well then, how about both of you do fireworks!

D-LITE: But it’s a bit….

VI: It’s kind of embarrassing since both of us are guys

↑ D-LITE: 4 of us went to the beach and ride on banana boat.

VI: I didn’t go!!
↑ Unexpected lovey dovey!?

1) While discussing a plan. “We don’t have any suspicious relationship” saying that with panic then they said “Show the VTR!”

2) One two→ 3)Dong!
↑ Sneak into backstage just before the recording

(left to right)

1) As what he had said, he showed fans his jokes with self confident and made the audiences burst to laughter.

2) While waiting for his turn, he flapped the fan given by the staff.

3) VI is watching the venue through the monitor. He had a serious expression.

4) (VI and Dae pic) During discussion…

5) While discussing, they were standing up and sit down, and even did body gesture. This is their expressions while the noticed the camera.

Kyaaa~~ DaeRi so cute ^o^

Source: luvkopi@tumblr/dcvi//Trans by marthapido@tmblr


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