[PHOTOS] G-Dragon on 1st Look Magazine "Hot Guy GD's Back" ! (120906)

| Thursday, September 6

Better talent than many bears, fox, G-Dragon has returned. Music video belongs fashion style for the dragon's always issues driving aroundstory.

Beyond 'Idol (Idol)' become one 'Icon (icon) G-Dragon suddenly. Published earlier in the album is somewhat irritatingenough about his comeback. Coming into the eye, I'm sorry to let ot pretty well go out with honest lyrics, such as Chanel, Chrome Hearts, Balmain, Robert Cavalli, Givenchy, Tom Brown, Linda Farrow, the luxury of the aristocracy and so encounter. Everything together in about 3 minutes video can find it tolerable 'comeback' Iran can not even get a horse.

Usual kitsch and unique street 'style is the best man in the world, Singapore's largest daily newspaper by 10' G-Dragon came to showcase high-fashion style, emotion filled, even climbing debut days from many fashion followers benign has been. So Again, really interested in fashion of course. Especially inMusic Video with his Chanel Chrome Hearts Love noticeable. G-Dragon likes reluctantly emerged as a beloved Chrome Hearts accessories, as well as jackets, furniture, props. Meanwhile, the women's collection line custom tailored Chanel jackets like digest and wielding Chanel Chanel tennis tennis ball while wearing the iconic white Chanel camellia brooch, 'Try to follow me "break the glass tube while running around, his appearance, who dared to according to s Also celebrate what is selected as a new muse of Givenchy As if wearing a hat 'City Paper' came out in microscopic sense can be met in the music video.
G-Dragon always been a little more unique and unusual things to pursue. Anything once challenging work, followed by a slight separateness style street sensibility that exists rather than luxury couture style seonboyida is true. Unique his style of many, many things that can be met, however, always seems to be the same expectations. One of a kind, like the title song.
Yeah! Hot Guy G-Dragon is backk!! Stay with us for more updates!^^

Source: 1st Look via BBU
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