[TRANS] Seungri Diary Update: Kindaichi Seung-chan! (120905)

| Thursday, September 6

Seungri's Diary Update (120905)
Kindaichi Seung-chan.

I've been confirmed to appear in Japanese drama, Kindaichi! ^_^ This is my first Japanese drama appearance! Kindaichi is a drama that has a long history in Japan! Matsumoto, Jun-san from Arashi and Kamenashi-san from Kat-tun played as the lead actors in the drama before! This time the lead actor is Yamada Ryosuke-kun from Hey Say, Jump! I'm looking forward to work together with him ^_^

My acting is not good though. Am I going to be okay? I will work hard! I was at NTV for meeting about the drama outfits today. The meeting started at 5pm, but I came at 4.45pm, so I waited outside and suddenly Takei Emi-can greeted me. Coincidence... I was really shocked.

Ara araa!!!!! (ara!= omo! or OMG!) E... Emi-chan!!?? ^_^
She said "it's been a while" to me. And she told me that she had her fringe cut....So How do I say this... I didn't know what to say... In the end, I just said "it's good"... Stupid me... I should say "It's cute" properly, but... stupid, stupid! 

Anyway, because of Takei Emi-chan's greeting, it was fun. Thank you Emi-chan. I'm always rooting for you. Aaa... By the way, is Sugi-chan's health okay..? I'm really worried about him... Brother, how did the accident happened.. I miss Sugi-chan..T_T
From now on, I will have shooting till morning! Bye Bye! 
NOTE: Sugi-chan broke his chest bone. Stay with us for more updates!^^

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