[NEWS] Fans donated rice, coal briquettes, & eggs for the Alive Tour Final in Seoul! (130125)

| Saturday, January 26

Fans donated rice, coal briquettes, and eggs to commemorate the finale of Big Bang‘s World Tour.

The World Tour started in March 2012, and the group kicked off the finale at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Hall. Fans all over the world including Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, England, Turkey, Mexico, Philippines, and Indonesia came together to donate 10,564 kgs (23,290 lbs) of rice, 3,000 coal briquettes, and 2,000 eggs.

With this donation, 100,000 children can eat a decent meal. The rice from the donations will be donated to a charity of Big Bang’s choice, and the eggs will be sent to the National Food Bank to help 30 families in need. 3,000 coal briquettes are enough to keep 30 families warm for a month, and will be donated to the elderly who live alone, or families whose homes are lacking in energy.

In March, international fandoms sent 12,736 kgs (28,019 lbs) and 2,309 coal briquettes and Big Bang fans have been donating rice for every Big Bang or YG family concert. For each donation, Big Bang has sent the rice to children’s centers.

So proud with VIPs! Stay with us for more updates^^

 Source: Akp


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