[PHOTOS] Alive Tour Final in Seoul: "Day 1 Concert"! (130125)

| Friday, January 25

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The Final Alive GALAXY Tour in Seoul - Day 1
  • Set-list
  1. Intro (Still Alive)
  2. Tonight
  3. Hands Up
  4. Fantastic Baby
  5. How Gee
  6. Stupid Liar
  7. Talk
  8. One of A Kind + Crayon
  9. High High
  10. Strong Baby
  11. What Can I Do
  12. Gara Gara GO!!
  13. Number 1
  14. Cafe
  15. Talk
  16. Bad Boy
  17. Blue
  18. Love Song
  19. Monster
  20. Feeling
  21. Look Only at Me + Wedding Dress
  22. Wings
  23. Haru Haru
  24. Talk
  25. Lies
  26. Last Farewell
  27. Encore - Heaven
  28. Encore - Fantastic Baby
  29. Encore - Feeling
  30. Encore - High High
  31. Encore - Bad Boy
  • Fan-accounts
Daesung’s blond, Seungri has his hair permed, TOP has brown hair, G-Dragon with half blond and half black, while Taeyang stays the same

During the first talk session
Seungri kept talking and then continued to Taeyang. When it was Daesung’s turn, he said, “Finally I can say something.“ 
Seungri asked Daesung to sing to show his feeling and Daesung danced by asking the band to give the beats
Daesung, Seungri, and Taeyang beat-boxed to Crayon
During “High High”, G-Dragon was in red while TOP in blue
During the second talk session
Seungri: Having successfully toured 12 countries in front of 800,000 fans… We are finally back home in Seoul
GD: It has been a long time since we’ve seen our fans in Korea and I feel nervous. It’s like my girlfriend is next to me

Seungri: How’s everyone tonight?
TOP: It has been a long time and we’ve been waiting for this day. Are you guys excited? We’re happy
GD: I feel like crying, I’m so touched. I feel… happy
GD: Today I’m gonna act very cute
YB: Seoul feels a bit unfamiliar now because they’ve been touring overseas for so long
Seungri asked GD to do aegyo and then he said that it’s not good. After that, GD threw towel on him. Seungri then asked TOP to do it but TOP can’t. He then asked VIP to “boo” on TOP
*not in chronological order*

TOP and Seungri were in red while the rest were in black during “Haru Haru”. Seungri had flower with him

During the third talk session
Ri: It has been a while since we heard VIPs sing “Haru Haru”. You guys sing very well. Join K-Pop Star. I think YG will choose you
GD: It’s our first world tour and we have learned so many things. I feel very sad that we couldn’t be with you guys for a long time and I’m happy to be with you guys now
TOP: Seems like we’re getting old together so I’m happy
GD will release a mini album, TOP will release a new movie, Daesung will release his solo in Japan, Taeyang will release his solo as well, and Seungri… “I will be more handsome,” he said
Taeyang: You guys can blame us if GD’s music is not good. If it’s good, buy more than two albums!
GD: We started this tour here first so it’s very meaningful to us (to end it here)
YB: We went to so many places this year and had wonderful memories with fans from different ethnicities, languages, and lifestyles
TOP: I used to be very nervous going on stage before and avoided fans’ eyes, but now I can look into your eyes and sing
*not in chronological order*
*some said TOP had teary eyes*
Seungri bowed and flew a kiss to the crowd during “Last Farewell”

Top danced facing the wall and shook his butt
GD wore Chasire cat hat
Taeyang, GD, and TOP went down off stage.
Someone got high-five with TOP
TOP played rock-paper-scissors with fan
Taeyang took off his shirt
They said, “VIPs, saranghaeyo.”

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