[VIDEOS/PHOTOS] BIGBANG winning @ 2nd Gaon Chart Kpop Awards + Backstage! (130213)

| Wednesday, February 13

  • BIGBANG won 3 Awards (Translation below): 
Songs Of The Year (February - Blue)
“Thank you for this prize. Though TOP and Daesung aren’t here because of their solo promotions, I’m sure they’ll be thankful too. We BIGBANG will keep working hard this year. We’ll give good music and good stages to you. Please give us much love. Thank you.”

Songs Of The Year (March - Fantastic Baby)
“Thank you for giving us this amazing prize, the Song Prize. We’ll work harder to be a true singer. We’d like to share this prize with Mr. Yang Hyun Suk for helping us to be a singer, Teddy, and many staffs. Oh and VIP! Thank you! I LOVE YOU!”

Albums of Year (1st Quarter - Alive)
“Yes, I think I’m speaking very often here. Thank you for giving us these lots of prizes. We keep coming up and down the stairs like this. But this kind of tiredness makes us feel very good. It’s okay to feel more tired like this so please give us more prizes. Oh and this year, we’re planning to promote our solos and also BIGBANG. Please give us much love. Whether you give us a prize or not this year, we’ll just keep working hard on our music and perform on stages. Thank you everyone.”

  • GD accepting Producer of the Year for YG @ Gaon Chart KPOP Awards!.... 
“Hello, I’m the private secretary of Mr. Yang Hyun Suk, G-Dragon. Since Mr. Yang Hyun Suk couldn't be here, I’ll receive the prize on his behalf, like him. (imitates YG) ‘Hello, this is Yang Hyun Suk. Um, I couldn't be here. I’m so happy to receive such a big prize. I’d like to share this prize with YG Family staffs who work hard where can’t be seen and with my beloved family. From now on, I’ll work hard to be a producer who can contribute to the development of Korean music industry. I love you.’ Thank you.”

  • Seungri accepting Songs Of The Year (August - Gangnam Style) for PSY + PSY’s Video Message @ Gaon Chart KPOP Awards!... 
"First, Thank you PSY hyung, very much for giving this honor to receive this prize on your behalf. I’m now more nervous than when BIGBANG got a prize. Last year 2012, the most beloved song was PSY’s Gangnam Style. I think you all have danced the horse dance of Gangnam Style, at least once. It was given much love. 
Please give much love and support to PSY for he’s working so hard overseas to surprise the world once again. Also I called PSY, I told him that I’m receiving the prize on his behalf. He told me, ‘You should dance to Gangnam Style drastically, Seungri’. I don’t have another choice because I’m the junior who listens to what his senior artist says. Wait a second! *dancing* PSY hyung, Congratulations! I’ll take this prize and make sure PSY gets it. PSY, thank you. Fans who love PSY, I truly love you… on PSY’s behalf. Congratulations PSY and Thank you!”

  • MORE Photos @ Red Carpet in this Slideshow:~
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