[INTERVIEW] Daesung on "Josei-Jishin Magazine": Discover about T.O.P! (130301)

| Friday, March 1

  • Daesung's Interview on "Josei-Jishin"
Starting from this week, member by member, I am going to tell you guys about the “Discoveries” I made about them. First one is TOP (25).

He is a typical blood type B and if he thinks that he wants to eat it, he would eat anything. He is a person who will achieve what he aims for one day. He is free and I think he has no stress. He is the oldest of the members but he is the “Baby of Bigbang” (Laughs).

Thanks to TOP, my atmosphere around me became more harmonious. When I first met him long time ago, he looked very cold and honestly, I was scared of him. But when he said “You don’t have to speak politely” (T/N: In Korea, there’s a polite form of speech and impolite form of speech), I thought “He’s a great friend~” (Smiles) Nothing has changed and he is still the same.

From this guy, I “D’scovered” his new side. During Bigbang’s world tour last year, he left the group by himself and filmed the movie “Alumni.” He had a challenging role of Murderer and his hard work to become the character in the film perfectly was very serious and cool. When he’s working, you get the feel of “TOP is TOP indeed!” and his charisma is more up after starting his career as an actor. BUT There is just one thing that I want him to stop. Stop riding on my back at the end of every concert!! (Laughs) He says “I like Daesung’s back the most” but I really want him to stop doing it to me when I’m tired. (Laughs)

[NOTE] Read also his previous interview "here". Stay with us for more updates!^o^

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