[NEWS] NRG’s Chun Myung Hoon Thankful to Seungri & Daesung for taught him a lesson! (130315)

| Friday, March 15

Chun Myung Hoon revealed that Big Bang‘s Seungri and Daesung had inadvertently taught him a lesson.

On the latest episode of ‘Radio Star‘, the old school idol member chose G-Dragon‘s “Heartbreaker” as the song he wanted to let his hoobaes hear him sing. When asked why, he answered, “This song is really hard to sing, so I want to show that I’m not dead yet. Also, I want to thank Seungri and Daesung.”

Of course, the MCs couldn’t let this go, and Kyuhyun asked, “What do you have to thank them for?” For Seungri, Chun Myung Hoon revealed, “About 1-2 years ago, I was going through a hard time. I was going back and forth between variety shows and music. It was a time when I was rebelling a lot, and I got into music and DJing, so I went to clubs often. I really liked music, so I would stay in front of the speakers. I really like the loud bass sounds. Every time I went to a club, Seungri would also be there looking really cool. To be honest, I should have gone to him first, but he came first and bowed down 90 degrees to me. This probably occurred around three times in all, strangely, even when I went to a different club, he’d be there. It was very coincidental.”

After they laughed about the bizarre coincidence, he continued, “He’s a very high-class person. But I saw him everywhere I went. Since he greeted me every time so politely, I was so thankful, and I realized I should get a grip over myself. It was in my own imagination, but it was like he was telling me, ‘Get a grip, hyungnim’, or ‘What are you doing here’. I got a grip on myself after that.”

He was then asked about why he was thankful to Daesung, and he revealed, “For a while, I thought I would be really popular on variety shows. But after a point, that all disappeared, and I stopped watching variety shows. One time, I turned on the TV by chance, and I saw Daesung on this show. It was at a time when I was really angry. And coincidentally on the show, he was asked what he thought about me, and he said that I wasn’t funny. I heard that and I was in such a hard time then. I was really weak in my heart back then, and I couldn’t believe I saw that. If it was before, I’d just laugh it off and be like, ‘oh, that’s cute’. But instead, I got so mad and thought to myself, ‘I’ll see you later’. I drank 3 bottles of soju because I was so mad.”

Confused, the MCs asked, “Then why are you thankful?“. He replied sincerely, “After that when I came out from the army, I had another low point. But I suddenly remembered what he said. I realized that the fact that he mentioned my name and for some reason it made me feel alive again. Because of that comment Daesung made, he went on other shows and my name was brought up again. Over time, I was just very grateful.“

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