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| Friday, March 15

These are really things that can be realized when I am alone

Bigbang who had their world tour which attracted 800,000 fans and finished their 4 dome tour in January. One of the members, D-LITE who has a “healing role” will be beginning his solo activities with a J-pop cover album! He seems to have discovered many things while being alone.


01. Discovery about things around you

- Mackerel fish is delicious! Recently, I discovered that mackerel fish is nice. Initially I could not take the stench of the fish. However, when I visited a sushi shop in Japan with the other members, I was persuaded to eat the fish because they said that the mackerel fish is really nice and if it is really not to my taste, they wouldn’t charge me for it. So I tried eating it and my first reaction was “THIS IS A NEW WORLD!” like this. It was really delicious!!

02. Discoveries about Bigbang members

- None! There is none (laugh). Because I have been staying with the members for about 10 years. I have already lived with them longer than with my family. Although it might not be a discovery but during the production of my album, when I visit good sushi shops or barbeque shops, I will think “if only the members can come with me… such a pity..”

03. Discoveries between you and the members

- I will change myself according to the atmosphere around me! The huge difference is that if I am with the members and I am feeling down, the members are still able to bring the mood up, so the atmosphere between the staff is also better. However, if I am alone and feeling down, the staff will also be quiet. So, I feel that when I am alone, I am in charge of the whole atmosphere.

04. One discovery about yourself

- Crazy eater. During the production process, I realized I love to eat. Not long ago, two other staff and I went to a sushi shop and we ate about 70 plates in total. Actually we could have continued eating, but the sushi shop owner suddenly changed his expression and he looked very fierce so we left the shop (laugh). During the period I was in Japan, I still worked out so I didn’t turn fat, but my manager gained 5kg.

05. Another discovery about yourself

- Maybe having split personalities?! I portray a very happy image to everybody. However, I did cry due to sadness when I was alone (laugh). I also enjoy the tranquility I have when having my own personal space. It is only this where I will not give in. So, I thought that I might have split personality (laugh). D-LITE has been alive for 24 years yet D-LITE still doesn’t understand himself.

EXILE: Your first solo in Japan is actually covers of original songs, did you feel any difference singing in Japanese and Korean?
D-LITE: Definitely. The first thing is the difference between the way to express emotions. Also, Japanese have pronunciations that the Korean language doesn’t have, so to sing naturally like Japanese, I had to do a lot of research.

EXILE: To express your feelings, you have to know the reasons of the lyrics. Did you do anything for it?
D-LITE: The first time I heard the songs I tried to experience the entire mood it gave me. After that I listened even deeply to the context and tone range etc. I will verify the melody ups and downs and practice it at the same time.

EXILE: Amongst all the original songs, which is the song you really like after listening to the original version?
D-LITE: To be honest I like all of the songs (laugh). I like it till the extent that I think the original songs are already perfect and I do not want to cover it (laugh). “It cannot be done any better already because it’s very good!”, that was what I thought. So it was exhausting during the production process, but thanks to the staff who helped out and also thank them for their suggestions.

EXILE: There is stress right (laugh). You discovered how to create a song that will not lose out to the original song?
D-LITE: I kept listening to the original song and suddenly “BOOM” and there is a feeling (laugh). Then I will keep thinking to re-create the “BOOM” moment that I thought of by searching for videos and surfing the net for reference.

EXILE: The moment the “BOOM” came, was it suddenly?
D-LITE: Yes (laugh). Because I do not know when it will come, so I have to keep listening to the song. However if I listen too many times, I will be restrained by the original song’s style. At that point of time I will listen to just the melody and to mix my voice with the melody to create that “BOOM” impression.

EXILE: How did you feel debuting in Japan?
D-LITE: I was really excited and anticipating it. It was definitely tough during the recording period, but now when I think back, it was really happy during the 5-6 months of preparation. This is a good experience for me and I grew more. All the staff are good people, I feel really happy working together with them. I also manage to challenge a tune like “Joyful” for the first time which I have never tried before so I feel great.

EXILE: The first time singing a style which you have never tried, you must be feeling interested too right? Or do you feel more nervous than excited?
D-LITE: I am a person who will feel more nervous over anything (laugh). I am constantly worried about something. This is my problem. V.I is entirely different. V.I has loads of self-confidence, he was like this since our trainee period (laugh). Because of his confidence, he can do things fast and well. I really envy that point of him. On the contrary, I am a person who keeps worrying “what if I fail…”, I will experience huge stress. So the first time I was challenging something, I feel 80% of nervousness and 20% of anticipation (laugh).

EXILE: You practiced a lot before recording.
D-LITE: Yes. I even set the fake melody I have in mind aside already (laugh). I will not be able to do it in the recording studio because everybody have many details to notice at. So I will set 2 or 3 and I will suggest to the staff that I have some melody in mind and which is better.

EXILE: “Joyful” is a good example. It has a little maturity and an unexpected re-arrangement. Was that part of your suggestion as well?
D-LITE: Yes of course. However, I am not familiar with re-arrangement and instruments so I told the producers about my impression of the music I want. So, Kameda Seiji, Matsuo Kiyoshi, Sasaji Masanori and VERBAL (m-flo) will help me express the music I want. It is tough to make music out of only vague impressions, so I think they are really good.

EXILE: When you tell them you want it like this, it will be different based on the song. How do you express it with words to them?
D-LITE: When listening to “Powerful Boy”, I immediately thought of “One Piece” Luffy. So I am trying to express courage and risk-taker to people who listens to it. For “Joyful”, I told myself I want to use instruments and jazz. I just give little suggestions but the producers are able to create a piece of music for me.

EXILE: This time, you covered Japanese songs, did you discover anything new about the interesting lyrics?
D-LITE: For Japanese lyrics, they do not state everything clearly. If they want to say anything they will beat around the bush before stating it (laugh). I think it’s good to express things like this. I really liked JUJU san’s “Like Overflowing With Kindness” lyrics about memories. I will think that am I living each day forgetting important things due to business? I reflected.

EXILE: What activities do you want to do being a solo artist?
D-LITE: The production process is really tough, but I feel very satisfied after listening to the final piece of work. After this, I will be doing the solo concert in March, I hope to not let anybody down.

EXILE: How do you feel now about your solo live?
D-LITE: 100% nervousness (laugh). But I am also waiting for it excitedly! The television programs allow many people who don’t know D-LITE to see him right? However, people who comes to my concert are people who know me right? So, compared to the television programs, I feel much more relaxed and I can play about. There is stress whenever there is concert, but I think this is an interesting job in the life of a singer. So, although I have worries, I still can’t wait for it.
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