[NEWS] G-Dragon kicks off his solo world tour in Seoul! (130402)

| Tuesday, April 2

G-Dragon kicked off his ‘G-DRAGON WORLD TOUR: ONE OF A KIND‘ at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium on the 30th and 31st of March.

He unveiled his new single “Michi GO” for the first time and performed a total of 16 songs including “One of A Kind“, “Butterfly“, “Missing You“, “That XX“, “Today“, “A Boy“, “This Love“, “1 Year Station“, “Nightmare“, “She’s Gone“, “Crayon“, and “Fantastic Baby“.

G-Dragon commented, “The G-Dragon concert now ends like this. I thank everyone who came out. I hope I get to see you again next year. I’m sad that the concert is over. Now my overseas concerts are waiting for me, and whenever I go overseas, my heart feels a little homesick. I think that all I can do is work hard. I ask for a lot of support, so I won’t faint. A New Big Bang album is also planned to be released soon, so we will meet fans on stage in the near future. Please just wait a little bit longer.”

“First off, I will be serious for a moment. During the past four years, a lot has happened in my life. Although I matured as an artist, I also took time to mature as a human being. I don’t know what I’ll be doing four years from now, but I want to continue doing music. I will continue to show a good image." 
He continued, "I was so happy today. I hope that this concert remains in your memory for a long time. A lot of people worked hard for this Seoul tour concert which kicked off today. I will introduce them one by one so I ask that you give them a big round of applause. First off, I thank the b-boys, guitarist, bass guitarist, drummer, and lighting and camera directors who inspired me a lot. I am very thankful to my hairstylists, manager hyungs, and staff.”

G-Dragon also showed his gratitude to his YG Family: “Honestly, we don’t contact each other often, but I thank my members who always support me. I’m also thankful to Yang Hyun Suk and the YG family. I’m always thankful to my family who’s such a big source of strength. I want to ask my mother, ‘Your son finished his concert well. Aren’t you proud?’ And last but not least, I am thankful to myself.”

G-Dragon will continue on his world tour until June after 26 concerts across 13 cities in 8 countries.

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