[PHOTOS] G-Dragon's Twitter & LINE Updates! (130402)

| Tuesday, April 2

  • @IBGDRGN: 스"트레스 빵야빵야 " means "Stress bbang-ya bbang-ya"
  • @IBGDRGN: "감기는 개나 줘버렷!!" means "Go give colds to dogs instead!!" [NOTE**Koreans say to give away what they don't want to dogs.] 
  • @GD_on_LINE: "Hey whats up friends~~~~~! did u all.. listen to the song?? i dont know what u think. for this song you definitely need to turn up the sound! for me, i've been half awake half asleep until now after the concert.... Don't catch the cold friends! enjoy GO! well im gonna take another nap now... the weathers bad.. i'll talk to you again when i get up!....

Stay with us for more GD updates^o^

 Source: @IBGDRGN//@xxxibdgrgn// Trans:@big_seunghyun
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