[NEWS] Mademoiselle Yulia talks about GD, CL & Yanggaeng @ Cuvisim Magazine! (130409)

| Tuesday, April 9
  • Mademoiselle Yulia talks about CL, GD & Yanggaeng @ Cuvisim Magazine!
Mademoiselle Yulia, rise as a worldwide fashion icon, “Don’t be afraid of failure when you’re young, but go against it. Isn’t that what youth is about?”

Worldwide fashion icon DJ, fashion columnist, designer, etc… Yulia’s interview. Fashion columnist for DJ, NYLON JAPAN as well as brand GIZA’s designer. Mademoiselle Yulia who expanded not only in Japan but worldwide as a fashion icon. She was seen through Mnet’s <2NE1 TV> and was introduced as Big Bang’s G-Dragon and 2NE1′s CL friend, afterwards arousing curiosity from many. She plans to not only spread her trends in the nation but worldwide. She became a muse for people who knows fashion, and has made a mark in the fashion industry.

In addition, she is friends with worldwide designers like Vivian Westwood and Jeremy Scott. Launching her latest accessory brand GIZA, she also expanded her connections. Mademoiselle Yulia who believes that instead of following the trend, having one’s own characteristic and solid style is venerable. Let’s begin the interview.

DJ, SINGER, DESIGNER, "Mademoiselle Yulia"

Please introduce you’re self.
  • Yulia: Hello. I am a DJ, brand GIZA’s designer, and a fashion columnist for NYLON JAPAN. I am Mademoiselle Yulia.
You’ve always have a unique and impressive hairstyle. When did you do your current hairstyle?
  • Yulia: 5 years ago, I maintained a blue-colored hairstyle. I also try to maintain a bobbed hair, so since 2 years ago, I’ve been cutting it.
When did you start DJ-ing?
  • Yulia: I started since I was young. I think when I was around 17 years old.
You’re taste in music seems to be unique.
  • Yulia: I don’t just stick with one genre, but I listen to all types of music. Recently, I’ve been into hiphop.
How do you feel when you get to people’s mood up when you’re DJ-ing?
  • Yulia: Before I press play, I always feel nervous. Will they like the music that I will play? I feel that kind of caution. But when I see the audience feel and enjoy my music, I feel that feeling that you can’t express in words.
In Korea’s Mnet ’2NE1 TV,’ you were known as 2NE1′s style Yang SeungHo’s friend, and knew celebrities like 2NE1′s CL
and Big Bang’s G-Dragon. How did you guys become close friends?
  • Yulia: I met 2NE1′s stylist Yang Seungho through my friend when I went to London for a vacation. Then, Yang SeungHo introduced me to G-Dragon and CL, and I made a few more friends in Korea. For the most part, they come to Japan often,so I think we meet and play more in Japan. When I visit Korea, I constantly contact and meet with them.
How do you guys spend your time when you meet?
  • Yulia: Though most of my friends are musicians, designers, etc, I’m also very interested in artistic culture. When we meet, we’d discuss new brands and personally go shopping. We also hang out comfortably like meet up and drink coffee. It’s always fun meeting those friends.
I’m curious about the brands of your preference.
  • Yulia: I like KTZ, and despite being close with Jeremy Scott, I really do love his brand. Additionally, I also like CHANEL, Louis Vuitton, and Givenchy. Recently, I’m also into famous rap-producer, hip-hop artist Virgil Abloh, Kanye West’s Style Adviser and designer Pyrex Vision’s brand.
A word from a worldwide fashion icon in styling.
  • Yulia: I think the trends these days change so quickly. Though flowing with the trend is important, knowing your own colors and finding your own style is more important. That way, you’ll know which clothing fits you best and look cool on you. If I were to give a small tip to beginners, try matching the weather of the day.
You’re famous not only nationally, but internationally. A message to your fans.
  • Yulia: Thank you for your interest in me. Remember to not be afraid of failing but face it. That’s what youth is all about, right? Don’t be scared, face it!
What is ‘colored-hair’ to Yulia?
  • Yulia t’s my symbol. Since I’ve maintained my blue-colored hair for a long time now, people who see me for the first time always remember me because of my hairstyle.
Lastly, a message to CUVISM readers.
  • Yulia: I feel very honored to have this interview with CUVISM in Korea. If I have a chance in the future, I’d like to work with CUVISM Magazine. Also, please give lots of love to my album and GIZA (that will be revealed this year), as well as CUVISM Magazine. I want to meet you guys again asap! Please visit my Twitter or blog for updates about me. Thank you!
NOTE: Stay with us for more updates.

Source: @CUVISM Magazine + Trans by @KellyJane


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