[NEWS] Star Column Part 1: G-Dragon talks about his tour & promotion! (130409)

| Tuesday, April 9


Hello!!! Star column readers, this is G-dragon. During Big bang’s world tour I wrote about BTS stories with our members but now I’m by myself. However I’m not lonely because Bigbang will always be one. They will always be my reliable partner, friend, and supporter. 

I will do my best on my solo world tour. And in this column, I will talk about my relationship with YG sajangnim who always looks after me like my brother, my daily life and hobbies, and my dream. Please enjoy reading it.^^

Since I was little, I never had any fears or tensions about going on the stage. Bigbang worked on concerts more than TV shows so we shouldn’t fear standing on the stage since we’re so used to it. We already have experiences with world tours as well. So there’s nothing really different about solo word tour. But when I go out of Korea to do world tour it sure is tough. But thinking about other artists that don’t have the chance to have a world tour makes me feel thankful about the struggles. And it hasn’t been long since we started this world tour so it’s all good so far. 

Of course it’s physically tiring but we have this thing called “Stage addiction.” Even when you're tired, you get energetic on stage. Since so many audiences are looking at me. It’s the same doing a photoshoot or a MV shooting. When so many staffs are working for me, I shouldn’t be turning them down just because of my bad condition. 

Actually when I’m full of energy and when I take away the energy from staffs or fans, a photoshoot or a concert comes out well but when I lack in energy or it’s dead, I usually don’t make a satisfying stage. But no matter what, I get good energy when I go on the stage. Even when I feel sick, it feels a lot better. I think that’s how other singers feel going on the stage as well. 

During world tour out members and I enjoy street shopping. I especially shop a lot since I love clothes and since each country has its unique characteristics. So I just look around major fashion streets in those countries. 

When I’m REALLY tired after performances, my way to restore myself is to take a lower body bath watching movies and dramas, saying nothing and staying still for 10 to 15 mins. That’s my time of healing. I get many inspirations from movies. Few days ago I watched the movie ”New world.” I met the main actor Hwang Jung Min hyung at MAMA awards and we exchanged numbers but we couldn’t contact each other that often. He invited me to his movie preview but I watched it at the theatres due to my schedule and I really liked it. So in return, I invited Hwang Jung Min sunbae to my concert and I'm very happy to hear that he enjoyed it.

I don’t really feel attracted to people who are cool and normal. Can I say this? I feel attracted to gangster-like things. I think there’s something weird inside me. On stage, I do gangster-like expressions and gestures without even knowing. Even when I watch movies, I like the bad guys and enjoy watching the stories where their character comes alive.
Days and nights are switched in my daily life. That’s usually the case for everyone in YG. So we condition ourselves before concerts or tours. I’m a big sleepaholic so I condition myself well for the tour. Weird thing about musicians is that we can’t think about anything in the morning. You’re just blank like a fool. When it’s about evening, I wake up and around 2-3AM I work, play or talk to my co-workers, and I start to get inspired at around 5-6AM. 

Maybe it’s a weird habit but I start thinking about things when the morning breaks. And I wake up at 4-5PM every day and as it repeats, I get tired. It’s a normal thing to work at 2-3AM here. And because of this, I can’t really see my normal friends. We have a total different life pattern. Sometimes I sleep for two to three days straight. I always condition myself with lots of deep sleep ^^

I started using mobile messenger LINE for this world tour's promotions, please give your interest and support ^^I love how CEO YG always looks for the bigger picture instead of what is there in front of us. Furthermore, it was the first time ever to release a song mobile and I like how there are so many possibilities to it.
I always trust and follow CEO YG and he does the same for me. When I tell him my needs, he is always the first to respect my thoughts and he gives big strength to me. 

Since I'm a musician, I think it's too tiring to take care of my promotions myself since I lose my focus on music. I heard that SNS is getting big around the world. With the help of automatic translator on LINE, I usually communicate with international fans through that. Especially in Japan, almost everyone uses LINE. Since my international fans are increasing, I think it's a fun and meaningful way to release my song on LINE.
Of course I will be promoting my album in a different way but ‘MichiGO’ was a song released for my world tour. So I think it was suitable to release it on LINE which is very popular among international fans. Since this is the first time, there isn’t a solid system and you have to buy a sticker to hear it but I think it was a fun project.

Few years ago, I used to be happy for ranking 1st on Korean charts but that's not important anymore. Nowadays, I think more to make music that will be competitive with the World. In order to do that, I think it is important to make a trendy, new and global sound. 

From the experiences of Bigbang’s tour last year, I learned that we have many international fans. We never imagined that we will have this much global fans. Especially, we never promoted in China or USA but there were so many fans who came to see BB's concert. I could now understand why YG spent all that money investing on YouTube and SNS promotions. I was certain that it was to spread our music all around the world. 
I'm thinking hard with YG about many different ways to promote and many fans seem to worry a lot but we're doing our best so trust us please^^
If the LINE promotion can be a good start, it will be an opportunity to open up new ways for my juniors, especially underground artists and many other artists. 

I used to think "Why would you do SNS?" But now I enjoy SNS a lot myself. I like how I can share my thoughts with my fans. I like how I can give my fans info about where I am and what I'm doing since I don't really have a chance to meet my fans. When I post pics about what I'm doing and where I am I feel like I'm talking to my fans.

This became a long column already. I should talk about more interesting things next time. See you next time.

Stay with us for more updates! 

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