[NEWS] Daesung tries his very first kissing scene in new MV for Japan! (130711)

| Thursday, July 11

BIGBANG’s DAESUNG is drawing much attention as he films his very first kissing scene in a music video for the new song that is to be released in Japan.

In the morning of July 11, DEASUNG’s short-version music video of first solo single ‘I LOVE YOU’ was revealed on BIGBANG’s official YouTube channel. This is where DAESUNG’s very first kissing scene was unveiled.

In the music video, DAESUNG plays a role of a character whose girlfriend does not have much time left. The character is suffocated from pain as he feels helpless. It is a love story which the two characters spend the very little time left together until the end.

DAESUNG’s genuine singing and his acting of the character’s pain in the video clip are gaining much popularity from music lovers.

After filming the scene, DAESUNG said, “It was my very first kissing scene and I was too nervous to remember anything. In the music video, there is just one scene like this, but we had to film it many times for different camera angles. The use of high-speed cameras and the rain in the background made it a particularly beautiful scene.”

DAESUNG recently wrapped up his first solo tour ‘D-LITE D' scover Tour 2013 in Japan ~ DLive ~’ that involved 26 performances joined by 100,000 fans in 20 Japanese cities. It was a huge success.

Following this success, on July 31, his first single in Japan, ‘I LOVE YOU’ will be released. The song is selected for the main theme song for a Japanese TV series ‘I LOVE YOU’. The sentimental ballad is a collaborated work with Japan’s famous violinist Taro Hakase, which is building up even higher expectations. 

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