[NEWS] MTV Asia: Meeting G-Dragon Who Is More Fashionable Than Me! (130712)

| Friday, July 12

So the other day I interviewed G-DRAGON! First thing I have to say about GD is that I honestly think he is my favourite K-Pop star. I think his beats are insane, he’s kind of incredibly cute, his dance moves are off the charts and his fashion sense is iconic. So the first thing I noticed is that, he’s really tall. I didn’t expect that from watching his music videos. I’m 174cm and he was eye level with me. Impressive.

When he walked into the room there was an undeniable aura that brims of superstardom. His security guards looked like they’ve never smiled, everyone immediately went quiet, which caused a slight tension in the air. Now GD speaks English but not enough on a conversational level, so thank fully there was a translator. I feel like the language barrier did get a bit confusing sometimes, plus his fashionable huge black out shades made it a little harder to read him.

I think he must’ve been jet-lagged or a little tired because he’s been flying around the world performing almost every night but, he still put in an effort to make our time together interesting. What a professional. I also loved his message, when I asked him if he had any style advice for his fans, he said, “Just be yourself.” Simple, strong and clearly words he himself lives by.

The next night I caught his concert. This was my first K-Pop experience and I was sold. His stage presence sent girls into hysteria! Seriously all he had to say was “HELLO” and the crowd went insane. THEN… The sexy ladies from 2NE1 came on stage. CL is a little minx and I love it.

And here’s something I need to tell you guys about Alan. He does it whenever we go to concerts. He almost ALWAYS falls in love with someone on stage! When we saw Adam Lambert, he couldn’t take his eyes off the bassist. When we saw Cee Lo Green he was drooling all over the backup dancers and then at GD’s show, it was Miss CL! It’s pretty funny. Now when I go to a show I’m going to try to predict who he falls for next.

Hope the weeks been exciting!

Stay with us for more updates!^o^

Source: @MTVAsia


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