[NEWS/VIDEO] The Making of Seungri's 'Lets Talk About Love' Album + Interview on Naver Music! (130823)

| Friday, August 23
  • > More Seungri talks about 'Lets Talk About Love' Album on Naver Music Special below:~
Before I even start writing this, I am just so happy and honored about the fact that I can write about an album produced by myself. Honestly even in a team called BIGBANG, I was a member that was always far from having good musicianship. 

Music is something that should never be taken lightly. Because it is something that you need unconditionally. Music that has the strength to move one’s heart was just so beautiful and it was something that I couldn’t easily approach. I came to Seoul with a vague dream of becoming a celebrity & while others were trainees for 6 yrs I was only a trainee for a year. I was such a sloppy singer. Time has passed and now it’s been 8 years since I debuted. 8 years is more than enough time to make a big change in one’s life. 

I changed. No, I HAD to change. That was the only way. From now on, I will be talking about my album [Let's Talk About Love] that shows all my growths throughout the past 8 years. My members are my partners that are closest to me than anyone else in the world and they’re so precious to me. This album is an album that changed me so much so it’s like my treasure and my kid. From this album, I don’t just want to hear that I’m a fun person but I want to be remembered as a singer with a good musicianship.
  • About Track 1: Let`s Talk About Love (Feat. G-Dragon, Taeyang of BIGBANG)
As a producer of this album, I knew how important the 1st track would be to the whole album. So I thought it would be very important to step off on the right foot. I started working with a great pressure. Good beat, simple instrumental and somewhat strong brass sounds made the song a perfect track to express Seungri. This track is a work of Ham Seungcheon and Kang Wookjin, who produced G-DRAGON’s ‘MichiGO’. They were former DJs so they know the best when it comes to making songs that stimulate and excite people. 

I wanted to add my with to their talent. Since a long time ago, it’s been a dream and a big admiration for me to work with our members. They are my partners that are closest to me than anyone else in the world but at the same time they’re people who strictly guide me and they’re so precious to me. So I thought it would make me feel very reassured if my hyungs’ voices were included in the album. 

Thankfully hyungs willingly accepted my request and GD hyung actually recorded the song the day I asked him. Genius producer G-dragon, he’s really awesome. Taeyang hyung arranged the song and changed it and his part suits him really well. I feel so reassured because the song seems like it transformed into an awesome song and I am happy beyond measure.
  • About Track 2: 할말 있어요 (Gotta Talk to U)
I remember what G-Dragon hyung told me as a joke. “Good music is supposed to be made really quickly.” I worked with Ham Seungcheon and Kang Wookjin producer for this song. As soon as I heard this track, the title ‘Gotta talk to U’ came into my mind and I started making the song right away. I want to ask this to guys. 

When there’s a girl that you like, do you usually talk a lot to her or do you try not to talk as much? I didn’t really want to write too many lyrics for this song. I thought that just these two lyrics, “Just you and me, just the two of us” and “I gotta talk to you right now” would be enough. But I had to sing in a very unique voice. 

I’m not a singer that has an outstanding vocal so I had to look for a voice that only I can sing in. I sang, sang and sang and tried to make the most unique voice. I also added some strong, clear beats to the simple guitar melodies, groovy guitar sounds and dramatically intensifying beats right before the chorus. I think I made a song that I won’t be embarrassed to play anywhere and I am so happy.
  • About Track 3: GG Be (지지베) (Feat. Jennie Kim of YG New Artist)
The lyrics of this song all comes from my real life experiences. That girl who used to lie every time she opened her mouth. I was getting so tired of her. I showed her my true heart and I wanted things to work out. But in the end, I realized that I did all that for nothing. I put all of the stories from this incident into this album. 

I worked with Producer Choi Pilkang again, who was the producer for my 1st solo mini album [V.V.I.P]. I thought to myself, ‘Yeah, you’re just telling your story. Don’t take this too seriously and just try to put your honest feelings into it!’ When I thought about her, I could easily make songs. Should I be thanking her? This song starts with the guy’s one-sided attack so I needed the girl’s counterargument. So I asked Kim Jennie of YG’s new girl group for help. I would like to thank her for the help.
  • About Track 4: 그딴 거 없어 (Come to My)
After producing 'GG Be', I made this song on the same day. I produced two songs in one day and this song also conveys some kind of a message and maybe it’s because my emotions from making ‘GG BE’ were still in me. When you’re breaking up with your lover, something I can’t understand and the worst thing to hear is ‘Meet someone that’s better than me.’
How could she be saying that when we’re breaking up? If she’s going to leave me, just leave me. Why does she have to say that. Let me just ask you one thing. After breaking up, how long would it take you to forget that special someone? Have you ever thought about the reason why we can’t forget about that special someone? Love is a complicated feeling that gets more twisted and complicated even when you think that you’re used to it. I put all of that into this song. COME TO MY.
  • About Track 5: You Hoooo!!!

Now, let’s stop with the frustrating love stories and change up the mood. This song is literally the best song when you just want to run. I’m just naturally bright and happy so I’m a super positive person who always wants to do something fun, enjoyable and exciting. If people can be happy because of me, I wouldn’t mind at all to wreck myself. Born in 1990, the year of the white horse, I’m a 24 year old youth who wants to run, run and run every day. I put all my passion and exploding youthful energy into this song.

  • About Track 6: Love Box!!!
Finally this is the last song of this album. In the Japanese movie [Right now, I’m coming to meet you], the male character’s dead wife comes back alive a year later. The husband who thought that miracle happened for him finds his way back to his happy everyday life but shortly after, his wife disappears again. I wanted to put the sad and desperate feelings of that man who has lost his most precious and beloved someone into this song. 

I haven’t had a relationship like that but I think I know how that would feel like. Break up that you don’t want, how sad is that. You who are reading this right now, have you had a relationship like that? I wanted this song to be very sensitive and emotional like the movie so I asked composer Robin hyung (Choice 37) to arrange the strings. Will a love like this ever come to me. With a fearful but happy heart, this album ends.

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