[NEWS] Daesung's Interview on Japanese ViVi Magazine! (130927)

| Friday, September 27

VIVI: The song you covered (‘I LOVE YOU’) is a very famous song that we can call it a Japanese representative love song. So you already knew this song before you came to Japan?

Daesung: Yes. There is a Korean cover already and I heard it when I was in middle school and I thought ‘this is such a good song.’ This time, it is an OST for the drama “I Love You” so I am honored to cover this song with the same title. I recorded after listening to Taro Hakase’s violin and I felt his power and remembered my feelings when I listened to the original song and sang as I felt.

VIVI: I really feel your powerful singing skills and passion/power, and the dramatic movie-like music video is so nice that my heart started pounding when I saw the kissing scene♡

Daesung: It was my first time doing a kissing scene so I was nervous. Before shooting, I was brushing my teeth every 5 minutes (laughs) But the atmosphere was nice and I am very satisfied with the MV.

VIVI: This song is such an intense/passionate love song, but have you ever experienced that kind of love?!

Daesung: I empathize with the song, but I’ve never experienced (laughs) I devoted myself in a relationship before, but if I do get into a relationship now, I don’t think I would be able to manage with work. I think each others’ work is important and I don’t like restraint.

VIVI: Girls know that when we restrain the partner it’s not good, but we get worried (laughs) What is the borderline of a girl’s restrictions?

Daesung: This is difficult… I like to listen to whatever my girlfriend says, so if she tells me something that would affect my work that would be troublesome. But if I do have a girlfriend, I would spend my break with her. I would use my time for her!

VIVI: So ideal♡ So if you do have a girlfriend, what do you want her fashion (style) to be?

Daesung: I don’t want my girlfriend to wear short skirts, I would worry (laughs) I don’t like belly-showing clothes either… I like one-pieces. I like how the skirt swings because it looks pure. And honestly, I have an achilles fetish (laughs) I love skinny, sharp beautiful achilles. Of course it’s not that I look at a person’s leg first, but I do check them out when I have the chance (laughs)

VIVI: That’s surprising! So we have to keep in mind that our legs are watched (laughs). So how would you approach a crush?

Daesung: I have never confessed to my crush. I was never brave. I do try, but I don’t want her to notice. Because if I do and it turns out bad, I won’t be able to see her anymore… My eyes are small so when I’m looking at my crush they won’t notice (laughs) So I would pretend I’m asleep and stare at her, my special skill (laughs) But the next time I like someone, I think I will be able to confess because I am grownup now (laughs)

VIVI: A message to VIVI readers please!

Daesung: I’ve been on VIVI several times and I really love all the interesting info here and I love it. Please listen to I LOVE YOU and go for your love!

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 Source: ViVi//@mmvip.tumblr


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