[NEWS] HaHa planning a parody of 'Crooked' MV + receives G-Dragon's support! (130906)

| Friday, September 6

Another hilarious parody of G-Dragon seems to be in the works! HaHa hinted on his not-so-secret plan to perform a parody of G-Dragon's 'Crooked' MV!

HaHa tweeted, "G-D!! 'Crooked'!! Did you watch the MV?? G-D... Really awesome!!! huhhuhhuhhuhhuh." 'Infinity Challenge' PD Kim Tae Ho let the cat out of the bag and replied, "Are you working on it to get closer with him? hehe"HaHa tweeted back, "Quiet!!! Quiet!!!!"
G-Dragon caught ears of this good idea and asked them through Twitter, "Please film one as the sequel to you 'Haru Haru' parody..^^" PD Kim Tae Ho replied,"HaHa as the lead role 'briefly'? Gil 'intensely'? Jun Ha hyung 'fully'? Hong Chul 'spicy'?", to which G-Dragon joked back, "kekekeke Daebak!! Jae Suk hyung 'meticulously'. Myung Soo hyung.. 'sadly'..." and "hehehehe Now that I think about it, I left out Hyung Don.. 'just.. do whatever he wants..'"

HaHa tweeted to both of them, "I!!!!! I will do my best!!! Let's film it in Itaewon!!"

Stay tuned for this possible parody or collaboration on 'Infinity Challenge'! Check out GD's Crooked MV below if you still haven't seen yet:~

Are you guys excited to see HaHa's parody? Kkkkkk~ Stay with us for more updates ^^

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