[PHOTOS/VIDEO] Seungri Live on SBS Cultwo Show! (130905)

| Friday, September 6

  • Seungri performs 'Gotta Talk To U' on SBS Cultwo
On September 5, Big Bang's Seungri and singer Lim Jeong-hee were guests on SBS PowerFM's “Cultwo Show”. During the show, Lim Jeonghee talked about her ideal man ZE:A member Park Hyung-sik. When Seungri was asked about his ideal woman, he answered honestly, “I like someone who has a cute voice.”

When DJ Cultwo asked why, he answered, “Since I have been a celebrity for a long time, it is hard to meet a girl freely. Because of this, I get to call more than to meet in person. When I am tired, it's good to hear a cute voice from my girlfriend.”
  • Seungri also showed off his fluent Japanese-speaking skills
SBS Radio PowerFM 'Cultwo Show' aired on September 5 invited Seung-ri and Lim Jung-hee for the segment ‘Special Live’. The host Cultwo asked to Seung-ri, "I heard that you took an MC job for a Japanese show. You must have really good Japanese-speaking skills. Is it like Robert Holley speaking Korean?” 

Seungri said, "No. I try to speak Japanese like a real Japanese to deliver my message clearly." Cultwo asked Seungri to say hello in Japanese in doubt. Seungri naturally spoke fluent Japanese. Cultwo asked, “What does it mean?” Seung-ri drew laughter by saying, "I just said that I am appearing on a radio program hosted by two people with the biggest faces in Korea.” Seung-ri said that his ideal type is “a woman with a cute voice.”

  • MORE Seungri photos arrival at SBS Cultwo Show:~

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