[NEWS] Jung Hyungdon: “G-Dragon is my stalker fan, I am subtly attractive.” (130926)

| Thursday, September 26

On MBC Everyone’s “Weekly Idol” aired on September 25, hosts Defconn and Jung Hyungdon talked about G-Dragon, who is currently promoting his new album “Coup d’Etat”.

Defconn teased Jung Hyungdon, G-Dragon’s partner for Infinite Challenge’s Song Festival, “You’ve become G-Dragon’s man. GD is totally obsessed with you.” Jung Hyundon disagreed saying, “I’m not G-Dragon’s man. G-Dragon is Hyungdon’s man.”

Defconn also added that the writers want G-Dragon on the show, to which Jung Hyungdon jokingly replied, “I will pop the suggestion to him. Now that G-Dragon is my stalker fan, I am subtly attractive.”

Defconn spoke highly of G-Dragon by saying in awe, “Famous producer Pharrell Williams suggested a collaboration to G-Dragon, but now you control GD. Jung Hyungdon is the only person who can control G-Dragon.”

Jung Hyungdon drew laughter by saying, “G-Dragon will have tough time working with me. I want to invite him to ‘Weekly Idol’ someday.”

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 Source: TV Report//Naver
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