[PHOTOS] BIGBANG @ Changi Airport to Korea + Seungri back to Japan! (130921)

| Saturday, September 21

  • TOP and GD waiting to scan their. All of them was ask to take off cap and sun glasses 
  • DaeSung , laughing so happily, I wonder what's so funny ~~ and he'a holding staff's hand ?
  • GD was asked to take off his glasses and hoodie. After that he tidy up his blond hair like how he used to do it. 
  • Then GD put back his hoodie &sun glasses. sat at the side waiting for members & the rest. He sits for a while, then took out his phone. I guess that's when GD started to tweet. Then DS done wish scanning also had to take off his hate. Next was Top, was asked to take off. His sunglasses .same like GD , he sat at the side waiting . The last was YB ~~ haha. After that all when boarding. GD smiled to the airport staff when he pass his passport&boarding pass to the Airport staff.Before that DS wave his hand to VIPs outside

  • [NOTE] Seungri has already left to japan straight from singapore. While other members back to Seoul, KoreaStay with us for more updates!^o^

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