[VIDEOS/PHOTOS] LINE's Star Event with G-Dragon! (130916)

| Saturday, September 21

  • G-DRAGON: "I released my 2nd album COUP D'ETAT, I'm not sure you're listening to it well. Seungri did this once, and I think the most fun part was when Seungri was talking with me on his phone. I'm confident that I can make this fun as well. This place is Space8. I was born in 1988 0818 and BB debut on 0819, I have many relations with 8. I realized after I released my album. Mr. Hong Janghyun was in reflected in my eyes...."
  • G-DRAGON: "I needed to erase this. Looking at these photos, I think I can feel this COUP D'ETAT more strong, fiercely. I got to know an artist who's not that famous yet but I like him/her. So I asked and he/she drew this for me. I selected myself.  These photos are from the VOGUE. With 3 TOP models. These are the photos I took with Soojoo, the title was black twins. Me and Soojoo dressed up like neuter gender and had the feels of rock, punky.. yes. I liked all 4 photos but I like this one -on the very right- which has the lowest points. 
  • G-DRAGON: "Fans like me looking pretty and showing my face in the photos, but I don't like me showing my face. I'm embarrassed. I dont know you bought my album, but you.. should. because I will release another album when you buy. I did lots of collab and learned a lot from this album. I'm most confident w/ this album's completion. I'm talking to you like I'm a teacher here. Fan: the best lyric is "if time is money, I'm very poor." because GD produces BB's song as well as his own solos. I felt a bit sorry. I wrote this to boast, actually. but I think this fan felt sorry. but I like being busy. you don't have to worry, thank you. 
  • Fan: the best lyrics "This is my COUP D'ETAT, a boomerang flies mouth to mouth. the lyrics telling the main theme of GD's COUP D'ETAT. it informs GD's coup d'etat in one sentence. Fan: This lyrics inform GD's elegant revolution. 
  • G-DRAGON: "I like this, "elegant... revolution." -Fan's writings are interpreting really deeply about GD's lyric. I feel really thankful that fans felt about the same as what I wanted them to think. I feel like we're connected. My favorite song? There's WINDOW. I should say it's not my fav, but I really like to introduce the song. Many of my songs are from my experience but there are songs that are 100% fiction. Obsession, Window. Is there any story of you crying in CROOKED MV? No, I just cried. I was a child actor once. I can cry. It was a female, toilet in London -CROOKED MV. 
  • G-DRAGON: "I couldn't concentrate well, but I acted crying. Missy E. I'm a fan of her since I was a child. her MVs, videos, are really inspiring. Meeting Missy E. in person, she was really nice and how she changed on the stage was very cool. Plan on singing R.O.D. on stage? I want to, I want to do now. but there's no chance and especially the chorus is eng... Lydia wants to as well. but I'm not sure on music shows. maybe concerts or.. yes. If I start to make something on purpose, I begin to calculate and combine things. then the work becomes harder. SHAKE THE WORLD. It took me so long. I changed it almost 20 times and had worked till right before the album was released. I'm a bit bored, let's watch COUP D'ETAT MV and keep going. 
  • I really like COUP D'ETAT MV a lot. This was the first time that me and director Seo decided not to do what we're good at. I was not doing the gestures and stylings, Director Seo was not changing the scene quickly. I really like this MV. GD typed "Calm down guys." I was stressed out till right before the album released, but as soon as it was released, there's no stress since. I'm good now. The album's simple, not like our old albums. YG have put a lot of efforts in design. But this COUP D'ETAT album's different. I wanted it to be simple. not decorating much. just like coup d'etat. I wanted it to be rough. Why do you want 19+ concert? I think you're not old enough. anyway I'm in. 
  • Q: Would you mind taking off your sunglasses? GD: I MIND! 
  • GD asked which member they want GD to collab with. Fan: RI! YB! DAE! 
  • GD: Many are saying RI. Are you a fan of him? I'm a producer myself. I think all 5 members working together is better. My stickers in LINE, I think they're really cute. I'm not that cute but,.. yes I use them a lot Gaho and Jolie. I bought them to make them as a couple but they hate each other. I'm worried. Any MV plans? GD: I want to. but I have no time. My waist size? 29'? 
  • Fan: your clothes were so small, I saw them at the gall. please, get some weight! GD: you lose weight! 
  • FAN: I will lose some weight. GD: Oh, don't. I was kidding. *GD calling to a fan*. Oh, I'm really scared. this number doesn't exist. Oh, the number was not correct.
  • Fan: I'm 20 years old. I'm fresh. GD: Then I'm damp?
  • Fan: no, you're so fresh. 
  • Fan: what bread do you like? GD: bread? why are you asking that all of sudden? I don't like bread that much.
  • Fan: Because I wanted to be a patissier. GD: Oh then I'll eat your bread later.
  • Fan: I bite my nails as well. GD: Oh, let's meet up later and bite them together. Don't bite your nails. that's not a good habit. My mom wants to cut my finger nails. she couldn't cut mine, not even once. you sound like you've been talking on the phone with me for a while. I'm a bit shocked. 
  • Fan: Okay, for the last, tell me, "love you, hwaiting, wait for you!" GD: *laugh* are you a writer? 

  • GD CALLING YB. GD: Wassup! say something. YB: something. GD: I want to release your phone number. YB: Please, release. Fans, please contact me. GD: You're fliming a MV now, right?
  • YB: right. I think I can show y'all a different me. GD: How different? YB: I becoming a grown up. 
  • GD: You asked director several times to put that scene in. YB: Yes, I did. This album was like a constipation. I felt like it will be out, and out, and I think it's finally being released. I'm a bit worried that if I can do this after GD's album. 
  • GD: your songs are awesome. you'll do well. 
  • *GD CALLING SEUNGRI* RI: Hello~ *in a cute way* 
  • GD: I suddenly feel tired. RI: Oppa~ why did you call me now~ RI: I'm in Japan now. 
  • GD: I didn't know! you were in Korea yesterday. RI: heard there's typoon today so I flew yesterday. 
  • GD: I'm doing this thing you did. RI: LINE? 
  • GD: yes, this is hard. RI: Fans will understand. What's GD to Seungri? Water! *singing I KNOW. What's fan to RI? razor? I cut mustache every morning. 
  • GD: what? RI: I can't be pretty without them. I will make sentences with the first letter of Kwon Jiyong. 
  • GD: Kwon! RI: Kwon Jiyong~ Ji! RI: Jiyong-ah~ *GD hung up. RI: Who did you talk to on the phone? 
  • GD: I called YB. RI: how about TOP? 
  • GD: TOP is filiming a movie right now. RI laughing* 
  • GD: Your laugh is so easy. make sentences with first letter of Coup De'tat. Coup! RI: Coup de'tat, what's that? 
  • GD: de't- RI: De't, what's that? GD: tat! RI: dadada~ *singing Lovebox* GD & RI LAUGHING 
  • GD: you drunk? RI: no! before GD calls RI. 
  • GD: Talking to RI on the phone, is next thing to do. I'm thinking, should I really do this. after GD hung up. 
  • GD: I'll hear the last sentence starting w/ Yong, and I'll tell you if it's good. *RI keeps calling back
  • GD: You're really busy. RI: I must live busy. then I'll follow you. I'll be an awesome dongsang, hyung.
  • GD:19+ concert? I'm in. I.... really.. hope.. that y'all become.. grown ups soon.. so we can have a fun concert...YB: My album's like a constipation this time. 
  • GD: *laughing so hard* You're introducing your album so elegantly. Fan: The ALIVE album looks like a vintage now. GD: I know. I heard it becomes rusty as the time goes. I try not to think to much while I'm writing lyrics. Fan: What did you have for the breakfast? 
  • GD: It has been not long since I woke up today. Fan: why? you should sleep/wake up regularly. 
  • GD: ...? How can I have that kinda regular life. I should sleep when I can.YB: Yes, there's a scene that I asked and asked the director to include. I think y'all can have my solo album by October. I can't think of anything else. LOL hope y'all enjoyed!!!RI: I will be an awesome dongsang hyung. GD: Thank you. RI: I'm awesome, right? 
  • GD: Yes, you're awesome. RI: Fans will understand everything, don't worry. 
  • GD: O...k. you're words are really...What's GD to RI? RI: *singing WHITE LOVE* You're like a water to me~ Jiyong~RI: I need to be thirsty. You're like some water to me when I'm thirsty. 
  • GD: Oh, So you need me? RI: yes.
  • GD: Okay then, Hang up! RI: Hyung, don't you need me more? you can use me more.
  • GD: okay say something you want. RI: G-DRAGON DAEBAK! COUP D'ETAT DAEBAK! *singing Coup d'etatRI singing Coup d'etat. 
  • GD: *laughing so hard* RI: I sound similar, right? GD: *laughing so hard* yeah right. RI singing Crooked 
GD X LINE Star Event Photos:~

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