[PHOTOS/VIDEOS] BIGBANG @ F1 Grand Prix in Singapore! (130921)

| Saturday, September 21

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  • Seungri said "I love this place and it's so hot in here!" 
  • Riri: "i wanna say hi to my fans singapore vip. Im so excited. Becus we love singapore we love f1. WE LOVE SPEED. We wanna make it special 2nite"
  • Taeyang:" lets go next stage i think we suck at talking"
  • Seungri: "sorry my english is terrible but i can singing i can dancing"
  • Daesung: "i feel great. I hope u guys enjoy the show,  i just finished my tour in japan" 
  • TOP: "im gonna have new movie coming out. I hope u guys like it. Thank u"
  • Gd:" we gonna visit all of u guys soon in singapore"
  • Gd: "this is craazy." "HEY!!!!!!l" "how u feelin out there????" "Yall ready for it?" "Yall loving it? Yall enjoying it?" THANK YOU!!Riri: "WHOS THE PARTY PEOPLE? WHOS THE PARTY PEOPLE?"
  • BIGBANG's Set list songs for tomorrow~>Seungri said "I love this place and it's so hot in here!"
  • Taeyang said he missed this place so much & thank the fans for coming~ He revealed that he made a song about what he ate today and it is about chilli & pepper crabs! keke
  • Taeyang:" im about to release my new album. I promise im gonna drop it soon. Im sure u guys gonna like it and BUY IT!""
  • Seungri said he's so excited right he love Singapore, F1 and the speed! XD
  • Big Bang just finished singing Number 1! 
  • Big Bang say they had a good time here and GD wants to try to drive the racing car too! 
  • GD sang a short part of his new song Coup D'Etat 
  • Top spoke in English! "Thank you Singapore, I love Singapore" kyaaaaa~YB: "I CANT LEAVE! I WANT MORE! YOU TOO? WHO AM I ? NO WHO AM I?" " IM A BAD BOY"YB" YOURE SO SEXY" RI: "PLS SING FOR US SINGAPORE"Riri :" SAY GD! SAY TAEYANG! SAY DAESUNG! SAY TOP!" "SAY!!!!! *song ends* sssss ssay Seungriiii!!!!"Riri: ENJOY THE LACE!!! (He meant race but its a bit hard to pronounce R)

  • Stay with us for more updates!^o^

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