[NEWS] Seung-chan's Diary: "The best festival in Singapore"! (130921)

| Saturday, September 21

Seung-chan's Diary Trans: "The best festival in Singapore"

  • "Here is Singapore ! BIGBANG appeared on F1 race concert, representing Asian artists !! 2 years ago, GD&TOP and me V.I came here and this time, BIGBANG 5 members did a concert ! After our LIVE, Justin Bieber and Rihanna will perform ! it's awesome^^ I'm excited !! here, the atmosphere is hot everywhere in Singapore. So hot with lots of events and performances ! I'm glad to have a concert on the main stage! Members are also excited. my heart is beating with many people who come for sightseeing. I can not describe the feeling in word www I want you all feel the same feeling I have now ! SeungRi's diary season 2 can upload movies(videos) too ! I will upload more ! Today's LIVE is like Mini concert. I think you guys get excited too ! then ! Singapore ! Let's enjoy !

  • Seungri with His Friend Tyler Kwon in Singapore 

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