[VIDEO] G-Dragon's message @ KakaoTalk Philippines Event! (130917)

| Tuesday, September 17

  • GD's video message @ Kakaotalk event!

  • G-DRAGON: "Hello, Greetings from Korea. This is G-Dragon from BIGBANG. I am sorry that i cannot be there with you at this event today. First of all, I wanted to say thank you to every VIP guests and all the guests at the event today. Also want to say thank you who embraced KakaoTalk and helped me it the number one social app in Philippines. Congratulations to KakaoTalk launching in the Philippines.& I wish you greater success in the days to come..."
  • "As a big fan of KakaoTalk, i really can't imagine life without KakaoTalk. My friends and our BIGBANG's members are using it very often as well. I hope all of you enjoy KakaoTalk like me. Please enjoy the rest of the night with Sarah. And thank you very much for loving BIGBANG and KakaoTalk. Hope all of you guys will be happy and i hope to see you soon when i visit Manila again. Dont forget to add me as friend in KakaoTalk. And I hope all you guys will love my new album (COUP DETAT) Thank you very much & love you guys" 

Stay with us for more updates!^o^

Source: @KakaoTalkPhillipines 


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