[NEWS] G-Dragon dominates charts with his songs in Coup D'etat Album! (131018)

| Friday, October 18

G-Dragon power extends to Taiwan and Hong Kong, knocking down all music charts

G-DRAGON is arousing much attention as he now dominates the music charts in Taiwan and Hong Kong with his songs following his huge success in South Korea. This phenomenon is the so-called ‘lining-up’ of his songs in a single chart.

G-DRAGON became the hot topic in Taiwan and Hong Kong as he dominated the song and album charts of KKBOX with his 2nd full album ‘Coup d’etat’ released on Oct 4.

One of his title songs ‘Crooked’ from his 2nd full album was released in advance on Sept 13 before his album officially went on sale, and it has been maintaining its #1 rank since the date of release to the present. Since the rest of the album was unveiled on Oct 4, his album has been continuously ranking #1 on weekly charts, while his 5 songs ‘Crooked,’ ‘Coup d’etat’, ‘R.O.D’, ‘Who You?’ and ‘Black’ are ranked within the top 10. ‘Crooked’ once again ranked #1 on Hong Kong’s ‘KKBOX’ weekly chart, while 6 other songs including ‘GO’, ‘Coup d’etat’, and ‘Who You?’ stood within the top 10.

Apart from the song charts, G-DRAGON is also knocking down KKBOX album weekly chart. This was more than enough to prove his power in the music market.

Followed by his sweeping music charts on KKBOX, ‘Coup d’etat’ also ranked #1 on My Music Taiwan, which is one of the largest music sites in the country. OMUSIC TAIWAN also placed ‘Crooked’ in the 1st place, showing his extreme popularity amongst the local fans.

G-DRAGON also stands at the very top on Taiwan Mobile Telecom Company, which provides songs as ring tones and dialing tones to mobile phone users.

G-DRAGON proudly achieved a rare success as a male solo artist by ranking #1 on both Gaon and Hanteo monthly charts with his song and album at the same time. His masterpiece, the 2nd full album, as been spotlighted by media not only in South Korea but also overseas. All eyes are on the talented artist, who is being showered by spotlights in and outside the country, to see where he will be headed from here.

Meanwhile, G-DRAGON will be joined by the rest of BIGBANG members to kick off Japan’s 6 largest Dome Tour in November, extending music-related activities.

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