[NEWS/VIDEO] G-Dragon's ‘One Of A Kind’ 3D concert film to be released in October 31! (131018)

| Thursday, October 17

Hello, this is a message from YG ENTERTAINMENT.

We introduce you to the 3D theater release of G- DRAGON’s 2013 1ST WORLD TOUR [ONE OF A KIND], which is scheduled on October 31.

The actual scenes of G-DRAGON’s first-ever world tour, which swept fans around the world starting from March 2013 until the final performance on August 31, will be reproduced in 3D, to meet you at the theater.

The on-the-spot movie which displays the concert on March 30 was video-recorded by Korea’s best 3D staff with total 24 cameras, to create more three-dimensional and dynamic scenes. Maybe, you will feel as if you are at the site of the concert.

Colorful performances of 14 songs including not only “GO”, “Heartbreaker”, and “ONE OF A KIND”, which were given at the concert of March 30, but also “CROOKED” which was first disclosed on August 31, will be shown, as well as images of G-DRAGON’s daily life during the world tour period, special interviews, and Teayang, TOP, Dae Sung, Seungri, and 2NE1 who took part in as special guests!

You can experience even more vivid images than the actual concert scene, at the theater.

For more information, please read below.

♦ 3D Theater Release of G-DRAGON’s 2013 1ST WORLD TOUR [ONE OF A KIND] 3D ♦

▶ Date of Release : October 31, 2013 (Thu.)
▶ Running Time: 80 Min.

*Beginning from the release in Korea on October 31, it will be released around the world, including Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Singapore. We ask for your interest and support. Thank you very much

Stay tuned for more updates!^o^

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