[NEWS] YG reveals Taeyang will make a 180 degree transformation for his comeback! (131024)

| Thursday, October 24

Yang Hyun Suk gave fans one more clue about Taeyang's upcoming comeback!

The YG Entertainment CEO shared, "First off, we only revealed the fact that Taeyang, who has been preparing for his comeback album for a long time, will return on November 1 through a teaser image... If I were to reveal one more thing, it is that Taeyang's concept for this album will be 'new world'."

He explained, "'New world' means a different world never seen before, and in Taeyang's case, he will show a 180 degree transformation from his solo hit songs 'Wedding Dress' and 'I Need a Girl' for this comeback... For the drastic transformation, Taeyang has put in a lot of effort, so it would be good to anticipate it."

Stay tuned for more details until Taeyang makes his long-awaited comeback on November 1!

So continued to check back for updates! ^^

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