[PHOTO] Seungchan's Diary Updates: "October is precious to me" (131001)

| Wednesday, October 2

Seungchan's Diary - 'October is precious to me' [131001]

There was a lot of work to do today too, but today's diary isn't written. ^ ^ It is the beginning of October. I want to start it with a fresh mentality. I really never thought that I would have a solo album in Japan. I thought that I was not able to put out my own album, but yesterday I showed my manager a sample of my solo was a strange feeling. This year has really flown by - it's already October.

This time last year was the world tour. Time is quick! 
Right now it's raining in Tokyo, and I thought of the old days hehehehe
I am extremely happy to be busy day after day!
This time in Japan I want to put out the absolute best results.

I want to give back to everyone all the support and anticipation.. this time I want to properly get recognition for the members in Korea. Can I get recognition?
I can, right? hehehe
Because I am Seungri (Victory) I am going to be victorious! Everyone let's do our best!
I really hope many people will listen to my album!

People who haven't reserved it yet, hurry! Please order it!! 
Well, I'm going to sleep. Early day tomorrow...goodnight!

Stay with us for more updates! ^^

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