[PHOTOS] Taeyang & Other Celebrities Twitter Updates about RISE! (140603)

| Tuesday, June 3

  • @lxxsxxhkkk's photo I've been always a big fan of @youngbeezzy ! Let's RISE !!!
  • @blobyblo photo
  • chaelin_cl's photo CHECK OUT MY BROBRO SOLz NEW ALBUM
  • Yeah, thats wassup! :) #TAEYANG #RISE Great job Guys!! P.S. Happy Birthday@danpak0603 술먹자!!!
  • @haroobomkum #태양 #Taeyang #rise he's really appeared....... personally I was waiting very long for Youngbae's album~~♡ what do I do about his song #EyesNoseLipsㅠㅠ Daebakㅠㅠ.... "
  • Shinee's Jonghyun (@realjonghyun90): "I keep listening to it. It goes well with the sound of the rain.

Other Celebrities Twitter Updates
  • @crush9244: @Realtaeyang 형 진심으로 축하드려요!! 노래 너무 좋아요!
  • RT @Realtaeyang: "@ZICO92: *pic "@blobyblo: @ZICO92: Thanks, Zico" "@Realtaeyang: @blobyblo @ZICO92 Poet Blo hyung.." 
  • @growlingwarrior: you also wrote love you to death? :( @blobyblo fak you're amazing” Thanks.
  • “@93_winnnnner: @blobyblo 이 노래 귀호강 작사 꿀이예요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 
  • @boysnoize: @Realtaeyang yeahh!!” Thanks a lot...!
  • @harrykim Ahhh raining in Seoul... nice to listen to @Realtaeyang album.. sets the mood.. good or bad..

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