[PHOTOS] T.O.P @ FROM TOP Exhibition Press Conference! (140604)

| Wednesday, June 4

【EVENT】『FROM TOP EXHIBITION SPECIAL EVENT』 @호림아트센터 B1층 JnB Gallery June 04, 2014 at 10:00AM & 6:00 PM

Q: Why not use SNS?
TOP: Since I'm a person who stands often in front of camera angels, I dont take selfies much. I take pictures of landscapes, but not selfies. SNS is a part of things i dont understand personally. I would rather work hard than do SNS.

TOP: Recently, I'm resting after I finished filming Tazza 2 movie. I cant control myself well. I just get Drink-tox on my face. (He is joking with this. From the word "Botox", he made a new word "Drink-tox" lol) The secret is just eating and sleeping well. 

Q: What is "Youth"?
T.O.P: Youth is like "Being Brave". Its like Lava from the volcano, and it's some things i cant do next year. It can be a good memory and something i get shy or ashamed with later, when i become an adult. So its a kind of things i want to do and try when im younger.

T.O.P: I came here, listening to Taeyang's new album. Because we've seen each other since were young, we are like a family that the business relationship. It seems members also regard me as their real hyung (brother). We always support each other. I think we will get old, sharing pain (hardship) together.

TOP : "I didnt ask BIGBANG members to come to this exhibition, because I'm shy to tell that. I want to show the exhibition to my mom the most. I didnt think of showing it to celebrities. I would get shy, inviting celebrities. To be honest, I'm already shy sitting here. I think only my mom will like this.

TOP: I  wanted to travel to Italy personally. I told YG Entertainment that I would be good to take photos with staffs and release a photobook later. I thought it would be fun too, but the flight tickets were so expensive. So we went to New York.

TOP: I sent a text message to Taeyang "I came here (From TOP Exhibition), listening to your songs" and he replied "Why did you do that" being shy.

Q: About releasing a solo album?
TOP: I cant concentrate on other things when I work for a thing. I missed the timing to release an album even though I've known there are lots of people who wait for my album. As the time passes, I get more desire for the perfection of album. That's why it's not easy to release an album I think.

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