[NEWS] Daesung's Interview on S Cawaii Magazine! (120709)

| Monday, July 9
Q1: What is your role in Big Bang?
DLite:Singer and people also think that I am a mood maker.

Q2:Where does your charm lie?
DLite:I am embarassed to answer this question (laugh).I think should be the ‘perfect smiling face’ that people say I have.

Q3: Why did you want to be an artist?
DLite:When I was studying in secondary school, a teacher recommended me during a singing contest.I took the championship because of my voce that I take proud of.Then I thought maybe my voice is not bad,then I wanted to be a singer.

Q4:What kinds of changes do you have when comparing your currentself and when you just debutted?Which aspects are still the same?
DLite:The change is that there r more and more ppl who listen to the songs of Big bang. The thing that stay the same is we are still having the mindset that’let’s play’ when we are performing on the stage.

Q5:Can you tell us some secrets that the members dunno?
DLite:I really dun have secrets, I tell my members everything.

Q6: Which member do you think is sexy?
DLite:SOL who is standing on the stage. He dances well and sings well. I think he is perfect. At night, it is VI, his existence is perfect. (laugh)

Q7: What is the fashion item that you have bought recently?
DLite: Rick Owen’s jacket. It is made of grey snake skin. An item which expresses the feeling of mimimalism.

Q8: Are you that kind of person who get jealous easily?
DLite:No, I am not. I am a kinda cool person.(laugh).If I have a girlfriend, I will trust her unconditionally.I also like people who trust me.

Q9:Which song of Big Bang will make you excited when listening to it?
DLite: ‘Fantastic Baby’,especially the part of ‘Boom Shaka Laka’.

Q10: Which items are must-bring items for you when you go travelling?
DL:Iphone,Ipad and red ginseng.My dad insists on me bring red ginseng but in fact it is not that delicious so I don't often eat it.(laugh)

Q11:What is your recent favourite film or TV programme?
DL: I have watched ‘Moteki’! It is really meaningful. Masami Nagasawa has really done a good job but my period of being well received by people have not come yet.(Moteki means the period of enjoying popularity in Japanese)

Q12: Do you have any words that you will always say?

Q13: Can you tell me what do you think is really funny these days?
DL: Saying ‘Taha’!(laugh)If there r ppl that you want to imitate, it is important that we can speak loudly with condifence. The most important thing is you should have condidence.

Q14: How will you make up with your members if you have quarrels?
DL: We do not quarrel…I think if we quarrel, we will get along well again after 20 minutes.

Q15: What do you like best in Japanese meals?
DL:Nado, it is not only yummy when eating with sources but it is also good for health. It is good in every aspect (laugh) I also like the Konjac in the Guandong boils of the convenience stores.
Q16: When do you think you are still a kid?
DL:When I went to the haunted house during the filmming of a Japanese TV programme. I was really scared,I thought I was stilla kid.(laugh)

Q17: What do you want a girl to wear in a summer date?
DL: Regarding this, comparing with the stype that I have been talking, I like a style which really suits her.

Q18: What will you do if you like a person?
DL:I will do nothing and only look at her.(laugh) I will wait for the chance to come since I am that kind of person who dun have much confidence.

Q19: Summer has come, what excite you most?
DL:Sea!Because I cannot swim so I can only use a life buoy and float on the water.

Q20: What do you want to become after 10 years?
DL: I want to become a 33-year-old!(laugh)I still want to work hard on my work at that time and I hope that I can get married and be a gentle father.

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