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| Monday, July 9
Title: Since being excited going to perform in Tokyo dome, cannot hold back the thumping heart!
VI:Because it is our first world tour, we have the director of lady Gaga as our chief director.We have done a lot of preparation for it.This concert is about bigbang’s conveying music to everybody on the earth, it is just like watching a film.
Q: For the last stop of the world tour,it has been confirmed to be held in Tokyo Dome and Osaka Dome, how do you feel now?!
VI:I want to leave memorable momets for my fans. the 50000 fans and we 5, let’s enjoy them to the most!!

Q1:Do u think it is good to be the maknae?
VI:Even I have erred,members will forgive me because I am the maknae~

Q2:On the contrary,have you thought that you are treated unfairly because you are the maknae?
VI:All the clothes i have prepared are snatched by hyungs so only little and the remaining ones are left for me.

Q3: What kind of boy were you when you were a student?
VI:For I wanted to be a singer, I had been leading a life of a trainee ever since I was small.There was even no such kind of memory.When I was studying in secondary school, because i was absorbed into dancing so I only think of it every day.
Q4: Have you ever taken up a job before?
VI:No, I have not but I wanna try.If possible, I wanna try being a waiter at a restaurant or someone who introduce Korea to people.

Q5: The first CD that you have bought?
VI:N Sync’s CD, they are an American band. I bought a cassette and had been listening to it in the car of my father. Because of it, I also wanna be a singer.

Q6:Who is the most popular member?
VI:Recently, it has been D-Lite.He wears a smiling face every day, it is funny. It will be happy to be with him. He is very popular among women.

Q7:What kind of fashion do you like when you are leading your everyday’s life?
VI:I like those clothes which I wear that don't show that I am an artist.

Q8: It seems that you really like beef rice, what is your favourite order?
VI:I like to mix up many eggs and kimchi! It is very yummy!

Q9:You have pierced your ears recently, why?
VI: Because I had to prepare for ‘Alive’ album. I want to add some wounds to in order to remind myself to be more hardworking. Although it is painful but it symbolises growth.

Q10:Tomorrow is a day to rest, how will you arrange your schedule?
VI:I want to go to hotspring because I want to hv some relaxation.
Q11:How will you rate yourself?
VI:If 100 marks r the full makrs, I will give 50.If I give 100,then it wll be over;if I give lower than 50 marks, then I will lose myself.If I give myself 50 marks, I can soothe myself that even if I fail, it is possible.Because of this mindset,I can feel the tense in life;therefore, I give myself such a rating.

Q12:How do you beat your blues?
VI:I will listen to very loud music.Recently, I am obsessed with getting recovery by smiling nice fragrant.

Q13:You beat your blues by listening to Big Bang songs?
VI: I recommend you to listen to the melody in the 1st part of ‘Let Me Hear Your Voice’ because it is just like a happy morning.

Q14:what do you keep doing?
VI:Stretching exercise.Because if I put on weight,then I can do nothing so every morning, after I wake up, I have to do facial and stretching exercise.

Q15:What things have surprised you recently?
VI: There are chopsticks stands, aren’t there? I don’t know them so I put them on the tables just like that. My action has scared the Japanese friends, it is surprising.

Q16:What is ur ideal first date in summer?
VI:I wanna enjoy sunbathing at the seaside and said,’I have prepared sun block’ then help her put some.(laugh).

Q 17:What is your ideal girl?
VI: Because I am greedy so I want her to have good body shape, good skin, cute, have a nice personality and she also needs to know how to cool and works hard on her work.She has to respect her parents,too. If you know a girl like this, please contact the editor.

Q18: If you have to introduce Korea to the readers of S.Cawaii, which place do you choose?
VI: This year Korea is going to have Yeosu World Exposition, it is a big occasion. Big Bang have also had a visit during its opening, it is really great.

Q19: What if the world will end in 3 days?
VI: I will wear the costume of Iron Man and save the world.

Q20: What do you want to challenge yourself next?
VI: I want to learn surfing this year and I am planning it right now.

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