[NEWS] Taeyang's Interview on S Cawaii Magazine! (120709)

| Monday, July 9
Q1:What if you have to decribe your own personality? 
Sol:I am more of a person who is cautious.I am serious in finihing work related stuff. Recently, I have the kind of mindset that no matter what kinds of jobs, I have to have a try.

Q2: A trick that you played on others when u were small?
Sol:When I was on the bus, there were no people who wanted to hop off from the bus but I would press the button to notify the driver so.The driver remembered my face and he scolded me. Even so, when the bus was approaching to the stops, I would still wanna press the button.

Q3: Do you still remember the first time that you stood on the stage?
Sol: Of course. I cried because of being too excited when I was performing in YG 10 anniversary concert. The life of being a trainee for 6 years just run acrss my mind but because I was not satisfied with my performance so I cried again.

Q4: Can you tell us something which Big Bang is proud of ?
Sol: One and only BIGBANG!

Q5:Do you collect things?
Sol:There are many, including items of Chrome heart and the pictures of ‘One Piece’. I always get my fashion sense from them and am inspired from them, too.
Q6:Do you have any shortcomings?
Sol: There are many. The biggest of them is I want to win so much. I think it is good to have ambition but not good to have too much.

Q7: What food can make you happy?
Sol: Recently is Japanese style breakfast. I can work happily for a whole day if I have this kind of breakfast.(with rice and tegomass in the breakfast set)

Q8: What do you immediately do after you wake up?
Sol: In Japan, I will eat Japanese styled breakfast.)laugh). Generally, I dun do anything.

Q9:What do you do in order to make you more confident?
Sol: I will idenity myself.I cannot think like ‘it is not okay’ but I have to look at myself honestly.

Q10: Your body shape is really good, how do you train it up? 
Sol:Although I exercise but I always dance to train up myself. The most frequently used exercise is handstands, this is an exercise for the whole body. Besides doing handstands, I also do push ups.

Q11: Do you have any mottos or words that you like?
Sol: Passion.

Q12: Which period of time can you relax during the busy days?
Sol: After the concerts, I can feel more blessed.

Q13: How is your room look like?
Sol:After you have entered it, there are pictures on the left. On the right, there are CD shelves, in the middle, there is a really big bed. In front of it, there is a computer.I put it there because I watch films there.

Q14: What do you wanna try if you have a chance?

Q15: The song that you have been humming is?
Sol: Christoper Brown’s ‘She ain’t you’. This is a song which has used my most favourite singer Micheal Jackson’s song, ‘Human Nature’ (a part). It is remade into a song of Hip Hop style.

Q16: Do you have hobbies or things that you are good at doing that others find strange?
Sol: There are few things like this, my hobby is cycling. I have been cycling when I am in Korea. My mood would be lifted up when I listen to music when cycling.

Q17: What things that girls do would make you feel they are cute?
Sol:Perhaps when they dun answer what they r supposed to answer.But I think that girls’ existence itself is really cute.(laugh).They are even cuter if they are full of love towards others. 

Q18:What will you do if someone you like appear? will you confess first?
Sol: I think i will become awkward and I dun really like that side of myself. (laugh)

Q19: Do you have thoughts that you want to get married?
Sol:I do have such thoughts recently. Artists get love from a lot of fans and I reply them with music. The more love that I get, the less able that I can imagine my life of marriage.

Q20: If you were granted to have a wish, what wish would you make?
Sol: Because I think that I have already gotten a lot of love, I hope that before I go into heaven, I can utilize my inspiration and passion.

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